The Court of Maximilian II

Music for a Habsburg Handover, 1562/3

In December 1562 Maximilian of Habsburg was elected Holy Roman Emperor. In March 1563 the Emperor elect triumphally entered Vienna, where his father Ferdinand I declared Maximilian his successor. The music of this programme was written in and around 1562. It explores works written especially for Maximilian, as well as works by his own court composers. Ascendetis post filium, a state motet for six voices by Kapellmeister Jacobus Vaet, was most likely written for Maximilian's coronation, and forms the centrepiece of the programme. The beautifully florid style of this piece is further developed by Antonius Galli (court chaplain to the Emperor) in his Missa Ascendetis post filium. Motets by Lassus, Regnart and Vaet highlight further the variety and high quality of music produced during this period. Music which, until now, has not gained the attention it deserves.

Includes works by: Vaet, Galli, Lassus, Regnart