Schoendorff: The Complete Works released!

CD Cover Schoendorff

Today (April 26th 2011) sees the official UK release of our latest CD "Schoendorff: The Complete Works"! The release date for the rest of Europe is 28th April, and the USA 10th May.

With the music of Philipp Schoendorff we continue to delve into the seemingly bottomless repertoire of the late Renaissance Austrian Habsburg court. A pupil of Philippe De Monte, a trumpeter, composer, and choir master Schoendorff hailed from Liege in Belgium. Two masses, two motets and a Magnificat are all that remain from what was almost certainly a weightier output. On the basis of what little music of his has come down to us we gain the picture of a composer who, whilst clearly influenced by the Italian infused Franco-Flemish idiom of his master De Monte, finds innovative ways of expressing his own voice, informed by the developing musical ideas of the late Renaissance and early Baroque.

We are indebted to the research, help and guidance of Benedicte Even-Lassmann, without whom this record would not have been possible.

"Schoendorff: The Complete Works" is available for download from iTunes, or you can buy the CD directly from the Hyperion Records website, or any other online music retailer.


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