Josquin Desprez and his legacy

The musical reactions of his contemporaries and successors

The indisputable master of late 15th/early 16th century polyphonic composition, Josquin Desprez has had much said and written about him. With the expressivity of his writing, his mastery of point imitation, his sensitivity to text declamation, Josquin pioneered many of the compositional techniques composers would go on to use centuries later. This programme explores lesser known composers of Josquin's era together with his successors in order to illuminate the impact the master had on those around him. The Requiem mass of Richafort forms the centre of the programme and uses two Cantus firmus parts which reference Josquin directly: 'Circumdederunt me' and 'C'est douleur non pareille'. The first was a favourite of Desprez ( used in Nymphes, napp├ęs), the second a quote from his chanson Faulte d'argent. The beauty of the Requiem confirms Richafort's artistry, an artistry respected too by the many composers who used his music as parody material (including Palestrina).

Includes works by: Josquin Desprez, Richafort, Gombert.