Musica Invictissima

Musica Invictissima or "Unconquerable Music" is inspired by the unequalled art and status of the sixteenth century Austrian Habsburg monarchies, the princes, archdukes and emperors of which enjoyed music making of the highest quality. The rich seam of repertoire includes many composers whose unjust neglect warrants a complete reassessment of the idiom. Contemporaries, proteges, colleagues and friends of well known composers such as Lassus or Clemens Non Papa are given here the exposure they deserve.

Cinquecento's reputation has gained a significant boost from its ongoing survey of neglected musicians of the Austrian Habsburg court through its prize-winning and world-renowned CD Recordings for Hyperion Records.

The chapel soundscapes of emperors Ferdinand I, Maximilian II and Rudolf II are brought to life once more, with music taken from a selection of composers, highlighting the variety of styles within their sacred and state output.

Includes works by: Finck, Vaet, Regnart, De Monte, Castileti, Schöndorff